Teachers from the Department of Architecture attended the 2019 Annual Conference of Architecture Education of China Institutions of Higher Learning

作者:Qi Fuzhou 时间:2020-11-15 点击数:

The 2019 Architecture Education Annual Conference and Dean meeting of Chinese Institutions of higher learning was held in Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, Sichuan, from October 18 to 20, 2019. Yu Li, dean of the Department of Architecture, Song Xiaoqing, Deputy Director, and Zhang Caili, associate professors, attended the conference.

Under the background of the new engineering concept, the conference was themed as "tong" and "specialist" in architectural education, and the topics were discussed from the concept, method and mode of combining general and specialist in architectural education. The experts and scholars attending the conference made comprehensive and detailed reports respectively. Prof. Wang Jianguo and Prof. Liu Jiaping, academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Prof. Sun Cheng of Harbin Institute of Technology are thinking about the challenges faced by China's architecture education and talent training in the new era. Professor Wu Yue of Zhejiang University has explored and practiced the reform of architecture major under the background of comprehensive university. Professional scholars from other universities also Shared and communicated with each other on the construction of general education platform for architecture majors, exploration of regional talent training mode, and construction of financial courses and MOOC courses.

This meeting has an excellent reference significance for understanding the development direction of the construction industry in the new era and optimizing the education and teaching methods.



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