Zhao Hui, President of the sixth mechanical industry design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., and his party came to the College of architectural engineering for school enterprise cooperation

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In the afternoon of June 16, Zhao Hui, vice President of the Sixth Engineering Institute of The Sixth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry Co., LTD., and his delegation came to our institute for in-depth school-enterprise cooperation and exchange discussion. Professor Yang Lei, deputy director of the Graduate School, the leading group members of our school and some professors and doctor representatives of our school participated in the seminar.

Professor Zhu Yanzhi, Secretary of the Party Committee of the college presided over the meeting and extended a warm welcome to Vice President Zhao Hui and his delegation. Professor Yang Lei, deputy director of the Graduate School, introduced the development history, discipline construction, industry-university-research cooperation and major scientific research achievements of zhongyuan Institute of Technology in recent years, and said that the university is promoting the optimization of relevant industrial structure. Professor Bian Yadong, dean of the School, introduced the development and achievements of the School in recent years from the aspects of the general situation, professional construction, discipline construction and scientific research of the school.

Vice President Zhao Hui expressed his gratitude to our school for making adequate preparations for this exchange. He introduced the basic situation of the Sixth Design and Research Institute of machinery Industry Co., LTD., and hoped to carry out long-term cooperation in the integration of industry, university and research institute, the establishment of joint training of postgraduates, scientific and technological research and development, and the construction of scientific research platform.

Chief designer Ma Xiaolei expressed his willingness to provide students with more practical opportunities in architectural design. General Manager Ning Hongbo spoke highly of the graduates of our school, affirmed the students' down-to-earth and positive attitude, and expressed his hope to establish a two-way school-enterprise exchange and cooperation platform with our school. Other members of the school also expressed their expectation to strengthen contact and cooperation with The Sixth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. in personnel training, scientific research cooperation, product research and development, student internship base construction, student employment and other aspects.

At last, Secretary Zhu Summarized the exchange, and believed that the exchange had achieved the expected goal, and expected to further strengthen the cooperation and exchange with The Sixth Design and Research Institute of Machinery Industry co., Ltd. in the future in terms of scientific research project cooperation, scientific research platform construction, joint training of graduate students and other aspects.



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